Owing to a number of factors it is necessary to temporarily suspend further activity in this website for a short period. Hopefully, just a matter of weeks.

Apologies are extend to regular followers/visitors for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tuesday 15 August 2017


Welcome to T.R Robinson Publications.

This website has been established for four primary purposes:

1. Assisting authors with tips on publishing, marketing and writing;

2. Enabling readers to find interesting and entertaining books;

3. Helping authors, especially independent ones, publicise their books;

      4. The publication and publicising of books by T. R. Robinson.

Articles and posts regarding all of the above may be found by selecting the appropriate topic in the ‘Categories’ list displayed to the right of this page.

Policies which govern reviews and interviews may be found here.

A translation service, for those who prefer to read in an alternative language, may be located in the footnotes to this website.

Un service de traduction, pour ceux qui préfèrent lire dans une autre langue, peut être situé dans les notes de bas de page de ce site.

Ein Übersetzungsdienst, für diejenigen, die es vorziehen, in einer alternativen Sprache zu lesen, können sich in den Fußnoten zu dieser Website befinden.


Books by T. R. Robinson:

Memoir (abridged) series.

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Semi-Biographical fiction.

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Synopsises; Retailers; Reviews; etc. are available on the ‘Books’ page.