I Win by Win Charles

This is one of the shortest reviews I have ever written but then it is one of the shortest books I have re16119516ad (51 pages). In addition, I do not wish to spoil the read for others by repeating relevant content, which with a short book could easily be done.
The author, who was born with cerebral palsy, was only twenty-four when she wrote this memoir. As she says her desire was to honour her mother for how she loved and helped her. However, this memoir encompasses far more. In many ways it is an amazing tale of how someone with such physical limitations has lived a full and active life. In fact, she, in the few years of life already experienced, has undertaken far more than many physically able people.

Throughout she is upbeat and positive and her exuberance for life is apparent. And she has the right to be proud (not arrogant) of her achievements. There is some repetition but this does not unduly detract.

Besides informing us, who did not know before, about the varying limitations of the illness and of the different types of cerebral palsy the author goes on to discuss how ‘able-bodied’ people tend to treat those with obvious physical disabilities. She wants us to learn and understand. I, having personally known people with a variety of different disabilities, may confirm she is very accurate in her observations. If we fail to comprehend, it us who will miss out on knowing and connecting with some unique individuals.

The book is written in a short, concise manner with the author’s voice readily apparent throughout.

This is an upbeat and inspiring memoir showing how something most of us would consider disastrous may be overcome. I happily allocate a four stars (4*) rating to this genuine memoir.

The book is available in paperback, as an e-book and as an audio book.

Amazon.com               Amazon.co.uk

N.B. Depending on where you are looking the book has different covers.

The author also has her own art business: http://www.redbubble.com

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