His Eye Is on the Sparrow by Ann Pearlman

This memoir outlines the impact a white, Jewish girl’s engagement to a Negroid had not only upon their own lives but also upon those of their families.

I found the book interesting not only for the personal tale but also from a historic point of view. It is very eas41p4vduxkol-_sx310_bo1204203200_y, in these so called days of equality, to forget how life was for those in
previous generations who dared break the social ‘rules’ and acceptances of the times.

It is made clear to us: How, violence was constantly on the edge. How, each family’s reaction was very different. How, the girl’s father tried to bring an end to the relationship in a most unfair and dramatic manner. It would be hard to share more of the story without spoiling it for potential readers: I will therefore cease giving any further details.

We are taken through the tale in what I would refer to as a rapid fire style: a little how I imagine the burst(s) from a machine gun would be. This style is not particularly to my taste but then we are all unique and different. Reading after all is a subjective experience. Nevertheless, I admire the fact that within this short sharp narration Ann Pearlman has successfully included all the relevant facts. She has also, again successfully, provided sufficient for us to understand the backgrounds and attitudes of the people and societies involved.

As said I would like to say more but do not consider it would be fair to potential readers to do so. It is a short book of only forty pages in print format. The account given in this memoir is interesting and provides insight into sixties American attitudes. It is also in many ways shocking and sad.

I give this book a three stars (3*) rating: As anyone who has followed my writings and reviews will know, I believe the majority of books fall within this rating. The lesser ones (1 & 2) being reserved for the not so good and the higher (4 & 5) for those that show excellence.

Available as an e-book and an audiobook.

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