Welcome to this New Website

This website, including the blog, replaces all previous blog sites utilized by T. R Robinson and Tanya Robinson.

As indicated inwelcome-oct-16 the heading above and on the ‘Home’ page, the primary purpose and intention is to assist readers and authors.

Information that
has been previously published elsewhere but is still relevant will be added alongside new topics, facts, ideas and suggestions. Please bear with me while the site is being updated.

If you would like to be kept up to date, please feel free to sign-up for e-mail notifications of new posts as and when they occur. Simply enter your e-mail address in the panel to the right. Please Note: You need not be concerned about receiving unwanted or spam mail as the sign-up process is NOT a per se e-mail capture facility. It simply provides for notification of posts.

I will do my utmost to reconnect with those I have previously followed or who have been following the previous blogs. If you would rather not wait, you may like to add your e-mail address in the panel on the right.

I look forward to sharing news, ideas, tips and so on, with you.

T. R. Robinson

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