Seesaw Volume I by Rosen Trevithick

seesaw-vol-1This first collection of short stories by Rosen Trevithick is very readable. Containing both longer and shorter stories it has something for everyone and for every time slot. Whether a reader is looking for: a quick lunchtime read; something to while away a tedious journey; a distraction while awaiting a medical or dental appointment; etc., they are likely to find something to suit within this anthology.

Reviews should never contain spoilers (unfair to both author and potential readers) but, in this instance, for the assistance of potential readers, it may help to provide, without excessive detail, some idea regarding the content of a few of these tales.

The Other Daughter and The Other Mother: Both are sensitively written drawing out the difficult and varied emotions of all participants. Such an understanding of people’s inner fears, hopes and frustrations is remarkable. Though fictional the reader is left with a sense the author must have known at least one person who has undergone such experiences. These are heart rending tales but nevertheless, remain readable.

On the Rocks and The Selfish Act: These are insightful, honest and moving. They depict the frustration, limitations and fears serious illness can cause. The highs and lows, trepidation and uncertainty, trauma and subsequent respite are all conveyed in a clear, readable and entertaining manner. Again, though fictional, there is a strong sense of the autobiographical/biographical.

Introducing Boris: For any budding authors this is a great introduction to the art of developing a story. For example: How to introduce the protagonist(s) at the start of a tale. Naturally, the story is not intended for the sole consumption of aspiring authors and makes an enjoyable read in its own right, no matter who the reader may be.

The remainder of the stories fluctuate between fear, fun, psychology and insight. Some are really funny and prove life may often be more bizarre than fiction. Occasionally, though rarely, the reader may be able to develop some idea of where the story is going but is held in suspense, having to wait until the end to see if they were correct.

In the reading of these diverse stories it rapidly becomes evident the author is creative, insightful, honest and an acute observer of life and has an excellent sense of humour. Rosen Trevithick has a wonderful command of words and conveys clearly and easily a multitude of different emotions, scenes, situations and circumstances. There is humour, sorrow, frustration, fear, depression, uncertainty, love, commitment, re-direction and joy all of which come across in a manner easy to assimilate and identify with. The reader will admire her talent and proficiency.

Four stars (4*) for the book as a whole.

The book is available in paperback and as an e-book.        

It may also be purchased from Rosen Trevithick’s own website:

As indicated earlier, Rosen is a prolific writer. Besides ‘Seesaw Volume II’ and a number of other adult books she has also written a number of successful children’s books. All are available from Amazon and Rosen Trevithick’s website.

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