Amie: An African Adventure by Lucinda E Clarke

51-ano4yiflFrom the start readers will recognise this author has an excellent command of words. The way the scenes, emotions, tensions, etc. are conveyed draws the reader in enabling them to easily visualise the situations, disappointments, apprehensions and fears the protagonist, Amie, encounters and experiences. Occasionally it may appear the author is going to go into too much detail however, she never does. The information provided enables the reader to fully comprehend what is happening without every minute and unnecessary aspect or detail being drawn out. The reader is never left wondering. The words more than paint a picture.

It is sometimes possible to mistake this for a memoir, which it is not. For example, the disappointment felt on a family visit is heartfelt and realistically imparted. The author is evidently an acute observer of people and life. It is also clear she has drawn upon her own experiences.

It would be unfair to potential readers to say too much about the story. Basically, the tale is about Amie’s unexpected move to an African country. It describes the very different society she moved to together with the accepted attitudes, practices and workings. The cultural shock to Amie is readily apparent. The quality of the writing is such that the reader is able to visualise themselves in the township as well as in the surrounding savannah (countryside). The whole tale is remarkably well presented, enjoyable and exciting.

Anyone the least bit interested in Africa as a continent and in African life would find this an interesting and informative read. Lucinda Clarke lived in Africa for many years and has readily and clearly conveyed what it is like to be a resident. For those who have no particular interest in Africa this remains an enjoyable and diverting read, an adventure to enjoy.

The story does have an unexpected and dramatic twist which will cause the reader to hold their breath at times. It is an engaging read.

This is a very well written tale and merits five stars (5*).

The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats.        

1 November 2019: The book has received a number of awards a list of which may be viewed here.

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