Sail Away by Suzy Stewart Dubot

Sail Away - Amz

The cover and style of this short story give the impression of it being a memoir. It does in fact read as such. However, there is some confusion: the synopsis states it is a true story whereas the prelude, within the front matter of the book itself states: ‘This is a work of fiction.’. Most readers will probably incline to the former.

Note: Since publication of this review the author has been contacted and has confirmed this is a memoir. They used a ready made template not appreciating it had been set up for fictional works. The book front matter has been amended. (June 2017)

It is primarily the tale of a young girl’s thoughts upon being taken upon a lengthy journey to a foreign land and away from her father. The observations are realistic and appear to be based upon valid research if not actual experience. Whether this is entirely fictional or drawn from other people’s experiences is debatable: as said there is some confusion. Nevertheless, should it indeed be the circumstance, due credit must be given to the author’s affirmation that this is a fictional work even though it reads so realistically. (Please see above Note.)

This is not, in any way, a dramatic or unusual tale and indeed is short; thirteen pages (2,970 words). Nevertheless, it is a pleasant tale that will temporarily occupy a reader. It is nicely written and conveys a child’s thoughts and emotions effectively.

No more may really be said without spoiling it for the potential reader.

Three stars (3*).

The book is available in digital format only.                      Smashwords (.epub; .mobi; .pdf; etc.)

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