Wrong Place Wrong Time by David Perlmutter


From the start the reader will appreciate the honest self-criticism of this memoir. Whatever they may think of the author’s behaviour they will, surprisingly perhaps, find themselves drawn in. The author does come across as having been a bit of a ‘Jack-the-Lad’ character.

The writing is light, easy and descriptive, providing the reader with a book they may enjoy at any time. This is not to say there is no depth or relevance, there is. The pace is also steady carrying the reader along without any sense of effort. With many authors the recounting of day-to-day life and daily progression may often become boring. However, not so with this book. The style retains the readers interest even when describing simple matters e.g. enjoying a drink, walking along a street, etc. and encourages an appetite to know what will occur next.

The synopsis provides a full overview of the tale though there are elements not completely revealed. It could have easily acted as a spoiler for potential readers but does not; there is more to the tale which builds round the events highlighted. There are misunderstandings that have unfortunate, and unexpected, results. There are also further foolish actions that lead to very real trouble, especially with overseas authorities. The reader, along with the author, may sometimes find it difficult to comprehend the motivations behind some of his actions however, many will have to acknowledge, when looking back into their own lives, there were times when they did not understand why they did something. Part of the human emotional makeup presumably; not always easy to understand.

Within the tale there are a limited number of sexual encounters which, though the author has not been over explicit, may prove a little too much for some readers. It has to be said they seem to have been included by default in acquiescence to an apparently modern demand for such scenes. In all honesty, these add nothing and do little for the overall tale. Their inclusion does feel a little forced.

What the reader may think of the author is down to the individual and not something to be commented on in this review. Nevertheless, the honest self-criticisms may act as warnings for readers who may be tempted to give in to all their cravings or perhaps the desire to break out of life’s routines in an inappropriate manner.

Four stars (4*).

The book is available in paperback, e-book and audio formats.

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