The True Tale of Castaway Ann Saunders by Roger Weston

Ann Saunders - Amz

This is a fictional account of a true event and consequently, falls into the Fiction/Biographical genre. Nonetheless, despite the fictional tag, it carries the weight of authenticity.

The synopsis provides a background to the tale:

This short story is based on the horrific and heartbreaking story of a young Christian woman named Ann Saunders who boarded a ship in the 1800’s with her then fiancé. They were headed to the New World and a new life until their ship foundered in stormy seas. Starving and adrift in the open ocean, Ann must do the unthinkable to survive. Will she decide against what repulses her or will she choose to do the one thing that will ensure her survival? This shocking story is one you will not soon forget.

WARNING: For the more squeamish reader. Ultimately, this is a gruesomely realistic tale.

As with any short story (4,190 words – 13 pages) it is difficult to go into too much detail without spoiling it for potential readers. The protagonist, Ann Saunders, experiences sadness and undergoes, along with others, difficult circumstances. Though, naturally, the tale focuses on Ann Saunders, it remains an account, even if partly fictitious, of the participants combined experiences. It would be unfair to both reader and author to say more.

In the beginning ‘tell’ and ‘show’ writing styles are intermixed which some may find annoying. However, the style subsequently settles providing the reader with a tale that has a real ‘feel’ to it.

As a short story this is a quick and easy read that may be enjoyed wherever and whenever. It would suite commuters, patients in waiting rooms, those with little time, those who prefer to read on a smartphone, etc.

Three stars (3*).

The book is only available in digital format.                     Smashwords (formats to suit all devices.)

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