David P Perlmutter – Interview




Welcome: David P Perlmutter

Author of several books including:

Wrong Place Wrong Time

(Links to all books are at the end of this interview.)





Please tell us a little about yourself.

After living in Portugal for 7 years, I returned to the UK and now live in London, England and am a very proud father of four children and have one grandson.

Apart from writing, I spend a lot of time promoting and marketing authors across the world on social media platforms.

I am a volunteer Cancer Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK, working with my local MP and the media on cancer related policy issues and campaigns. I also raise money for the charity by arranging book signing events at CRUK shops all over London and the home counties, donating a percentage of book sales.

I also enjoy engaging with my 40,000 plus followers on Twitter @davepperlmutter and I invite my readers to join me there in ‘conversation’.

What first inspired you to write?

It was while living in Portugal several years ago, that I started to write my first book, a true story called, Wrong Place Wrong Time as a blog, but a friend who is also an editor read the first couple of chapters and told me it was too good for a blog, it must be a book. Since then the book has become a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon with hundreds of 5* reviews and has been traditionally published and is in most major book shops.

My second book, Five Weeks, is another true story and catalogues a trip to America during which I was almost left for dead in a Pennsylvanian wood. My most recent book, is yet again a true story and called 24 Hours In New York. I have also written eight books on marketing for the indie author in my, My Way brand, which can be found on Amazon and on my website. Within the past couple of week’s I have released 3 BOX SETS of all the above which also can be downloaded from Amazon.

In what genre(s) do you prefer to write?

I do write non-fiction, as in true stories and also marketing books for the indie author.

How/Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

As my stories are based on true events, my ideas are with me.

Are you working on another book?

Yes. It’s a fiction called, One Year. I am only 4,000 words in, so this is a work in progress. The title of the book may change too.

If your books have required research: What do you consider the best resources?

I Google or visit the British Library.

Do you consider your books convey messages to readers?

Mainly that the grass is never greener!

What advice would you give to authors who are just starting out?

Just write what you feel.

Do you self-edit or do you think a book should only be professional edited?

Being dyslexic I need an editor. Thankfully my partner is an editor. She is more than that thou!

How do you go about marketing your books?

Every day I’m on my social media platforms. I promote 24/7 to get my books out there. Its free and worldwide exposure. Writing book marketing books have also helped. Many feature authors, so also giving them exposure.

How important do you think reviews are?

Very, no matter what rating. It gives readers a choice to whether to download the book or not, plus its good for being recommended by Amazon.

If you consider reviews are important, how do yo go about obtaining them for your books?

I don’t go about obtaining them. I have never and will never pay for a review or request one. I just wait and if readers want to review after reading my books then they will review.

Do you have a preferred genre for when you read?

Mainly true stories. I must get back to reading thou.

This is an age old question but one I consider of interest. If you were stranded on a desert island, which three books would you like to have with you?

To be honest, three of my stories as they feature of course my life but also my family. It means they will still be close by my side. Hope that makes sense?

Please share with us links to where readers may obtain more information and insight into who you are.

Website: www.davidpperlmutter.com

Blog: http://thewrongplaceatthewrongtime.blogspot.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wrongplacewrongtimebook/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/davepperlmutter

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidpperlmutter/

Amazon.co.uk Author Page

Amazon.com Books Page

Thank you David for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.





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If interested, T. R.’s review may be read here.

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