After a longer than expected period of inactivity, it is intended, hoped, to recompense regular updates in the coming week (commencing 9 October 2017).

Author related: book writing; publishing; technical; etc. articles and posts on Tuesdays.

Reader orientated: articles; reviews; interviews; etc. on Fridays.

Apologies are extended to regular readers of, and visitors to, the site for the prolonged absence with hope they will find the forthcoming shared information interesting and helpful.

5 thoughts on “Reactivation

  1. Thank you Lucinda and Ernesto. There were a few issues but hopefully all resolved, for now at least. And, yes, it was surprisingly nice to have a break. Now ready to get back into things. There may be a further couple of matters in the coming months but, hopefully, these may be dealt with without too long an absence. Glad to be back and look forward to engaging with you both and others.

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