A Less Than Golden Life by Jason Golden

4e88c648e3215f0e7ff3999a19903397cdc0e8f3The author’s stated intent is to look at his ‘average’ life to see what beauty, inspiration and motivation may be found within his experiences. This is neither a memoir or autobiography per se but more of an eclectic collection of events and experiences. Through these he considers whether life has to be accepted ‘as is’ or whether it is possible to aspire to, and achieve, a coordinated and purposeful outcome.

The simple accounts of some of the author’s life experiences throw light upon everyday situations, events and circumstances. Unremarkable in themselves but revealing in the author’s contemplations of them. With humour, self-deprecation and realistic observation, though never derogatory, the author considers events of love, loss, career, etc. and what they reveal about him and sometimes others.

This is a gentle, quiet, relaxing read, probably because it is so ‘normal’. That is not to say it is uninteresting. It would probably be advantageous for most to follow this author’s example and set time aside to contemplate past, and present, experiences and to see what may be gleaned and learned from them.

The edition read would benefit from some re-formatting. The displayed page count implies the book is far longer than it is: there are several blank pages between each chapter/section. The book is in fact fairly short at 26,600 words. In addition though not particularly distracting, the last paragraph in several of the earlier chapters has a far smaller font size than the rest. This can happen with some pre-formatted templates but is easily remedied.

Three stars (3*): As already stated, though interesting, this is not a remarkable book. Readers should note: three stars is not considered a poor rating in this website. See ‘Assessing Book Review Ratings’ to understand how ratings are assessed.

Available in both paperback and e-book formats.

Amazon.com       Amazon.co.uk       Smashwords (In various formats to suit all devises.)

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