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bookshop-2495148_1280In Readers Selection Processes the overall influences to book purchasing were considered. In this article, the more immediate motivations will be contemplated.

Naturally, everyone is different and have varying likes, tastes and appreciations. Consequently, most will read the following subjectively rather than objectively. (In fairness, it must be acknowledge some of the comments are down to personal taste.) Nevertheless, some of the observations may assist those who have no hard and fast guidelines for selecting a book to read.

Note: The following is based upon a submission requested by author Lucinda E Clarke for one of her newsletters.

What motivates a book selection?

The following is a list of what it is thought will be most readers primary considerations when looking for the next book to read.

One word high level responses are followed by an explanation of why the writer thinks these are accurate.

Cover: NO – Naturally, readers will look at covers and it must be acknowledge an unusual or exceptionally well designed one will catch the eye. However, many quality reads may be missed if an uninspiring cover is allowed to deter.

Title: NO – These occasionally convey a book’s content but often do not. Some may intrigue but not meet expectations and vice versa.

Synopsis: YES – It is considered, above all else, it is these that should determine whether a reader chooses a book. It should be these that provide some idea of a book’s true content.

Genre: YES – Most readers have preferred genre. Even if they do not, and consequently, are prepared to read in multiple genre, there will probably be some they would not consider.

Author: NO – Though some will, most readers do not follow an author blindly. Nevertheless, they are more than likely to consider a book by the same author if they enjoyed one of theirs previously.

Author Status: YES – Bearing in mind the overall nature and purpose of this website, it is suggested readers who are also independent (indie) authors should, to some degree, show a preference for the books of fellow indie authors. As the majority will acknowledge, indie, self-publishing authors need all the support and help they can get. In addition, though they may receive little ‘public’ attention, there are many good self-published books it would be a shame to miss. Naturally, non-author readers may not appreciate the distinction but it is suggested they also consider self-published books. There really are some great ones.

Length: NO – This has no influence upon whether a book is worth reading or not. There are some great short stories as well as full length novels. Nevertheless, it is accepted, if looking for something to occupy an extended period e.g. holiday read, a reader may go for the longer book.

Format: NO – Again this response is linked to the nature and purpose of this website. A majority of readers, including self-publishing indie authors, frequently state they prefer the feel of a physical book. Nevertheless, many acknowledge the convenience of digital books and how, when tried, they have enjoyed reading in both formats. A growing number of readers, if a variety of survey results are to be accepted, now have a preference for digital formats. This is especially so when travelling as it is far easier to carry an e-reader containing multiple books than to lug round the physical equivalents.

Badgering: NO! – The majority of readers will be deterred if they are constantly assailed by: Social Media or e-mail requests/demands to read/purchase or continual ‘In-Your-Face’ adverts; etc.


Of course there may be other elements, to those mentioned above, which some readers will contemplate. This article is simply intended to provide some guidance for those unsure of how to go about choosing a book.

In principle it is simply a case of readers not allowing themselves to be distracted by superficial elements and considerations when looking for the next book.

As mentioned at the start, this discussion is based upon a submission made to a fellow author’s newsletter. If you are also interested in benefiting from their informative and entertaining observations and articles and occasional offer, use the following link to sign-up: Lucinda E Clarke’s newsletter.

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  1. Loved reading this – very thorough and quite reassuring in that it’s not all about the title and cover which are made so much of, but about the story and genre – as it should be. (sharing on twitter)

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