The Mosaic Of C.P. by Win Kelly Charles

51pcgO0UmRLThis book is primarily an update to the author’s original memoir ‘I Win’. That is not to say it does not contain anything new.

Note: Though not absolutely necessary, it would help the reader if they have read ‘I Win’. (Details of the original memoir, together with links, will be found at the end of this review.)

In this short follow-up memoir the author, Win Kelly Charles, shares how matters have progressed in her life and how she is taking a change of direction. Her inspirational determination, despite the challenges, comes through clearly as does her desire to teach and help others.

The author’s principle aims are:

  • To teach about what it means to live with Cerebral Palsy;
  • To help people understand how the condition impacts upon a person’s abilities;
  • To show how those suffering such conditions should not be ignored or looked down upon. (Sadly there are many who do behave in such a manner.)

Another purpose, that also comes through clearly, is Win’s desire to inspire anyone who faces smiler challenges, not just those with Cerebral Palsy, to live a full life. Indeed any reader who has not come across the author before, will be amazed by how much, as well as by what, this remarkable woman has achieved in her own life and the further achievements she is aiming for.

Though inspiring and informative, there is nothing remarkable about this memoir. That does not mean it is not a valuable, motivating read. The book provides further effective understanding for those who have no experience of Cerebral Palsy or for that matter any other similar condition. It also encourages those who experience these sort of limitations/challenges on a daily basis to live a full life.

Three stars (3*). As said this is not a reflection upon the overall value of the memoir. Assessing Book Review Ratings provides information regarding how ratings are allocated in this website.

The memoir is available in paperback and digital formats.     



Review together with purchase links.





Author interview.

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