Tales of Erana: Myths and Legends by A. L. Butcher

Image 25-12-2017 at 13.47As regular readers of, and visitors to, this website will know, fantasy is not a genre usually reviewed. However, the author A. L. Butcher kindly interviewed T. R. Robinson and it was considered only fair, and a way to show appreciation, to read one of her books. It must be made clear this was not a requirement for the interview; as said it was simply seen as a means for showing gratitude.

Tales of Erana is a short story collection: thought better this than a full length novel as it is not a genre readily taken to and may have struggled with a full length book.

There is a good mix of tales. Some are ‘feel good’ whereas others are dark and troubled. The variety is well achieved to hold the reader’s interest. Moral undertones are frequently encountered as are clear, realistic, observances upon the human condition which are readily apparent even though presented within the fantasy structure.

The author’s style presents well written character personalities as well as excellently structured world building. It is easy for a reader to imagine each as they read. No easy task, as many authors will acknowledge, especially as these are all created within a fantasy world rather than in the more readily ‘seen’ ‘human’ world readers are familiar with.

Those not familiar with fantasy may occasionally become a little lost in a couple of the tales but this is more likely due to their unfamiliarity with the genre than anything else. However, for those who enjoy, and readily read fantasy, this book would be a good choice. And, for those who have wondered whether the genre is one for them, this collection would make an excellent choice in which to ‘dip their toes’. In addition, with it being a selection of short stories, the book would suit anyone looking for a read to occupy anything like a lunch break or commute or simply to break the monotony of daily routine.

Four stars (4*) – Due to not being a genre normally read determining a rating was not easy. Nevertheless, taking all matters into account it is considered this fairly reflects the quality and style of the book.

The book is available in e-book and audio formats.

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The author (Alexandra Butcher) regularly interviews authors of all genre as well as characters from a variety of books. Whether an author, reader or neither, most will accept there is always something to learn by one means or another consequently, both authors and readers may find Alexandra’s blog of interest. Author’s may learn from each other’s experience and knowledge and character development may be enhanced by reading the ‘character’ interviews. Readers will find a selection of reviews and book mentions that may provide interesting reads and alternatives for them.

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