Websites – Why? How? What?


The series of articles relating to websites have proven popular therefore, at the start of a New Year when most people, including authors, will no doubt be contemplating their futures, it is thought many may appreciate having all the information available from one location.


Why have a Website?

The following are considered and discussed:

  • Is a social media presence alone sufficient for an author or entrepreneur?
  • What are the differences between a website and a blog?
  • What is best practice?

Websites – Hosted v Self-Hosted

A web host provides the technology and services that enable a website or web page to be built and maintained. This article looks at:

  • Web hosting in general;
  • Hosted sites;
  • Self-Hosting;
  • Managed sites.

Website Design – Basics

As indicated by the title, this discussion looks at the basic elements required to get a website up and running, including:

  • Aims & Purposes;
  • Themes;
  • Colouring;
  • Images;
  • Etc.

Author Website – What to include?

When establishing a website there are a myriad of items that may be included. Can be daunting. This article suggests:

  • What should be included;
  • Desirable, but not necessary, additions;
  • Optional additions;
  • Other features that need to be considered.

The four articles, together, will hopefully prove valuable and sufficient for those who currently do not have a website but are seriously considering establishing one. The points made may also help those who wish to enhance an existing website. As stated elsewhere, it is highly recommended an author has, at the very least, a basic website that includes their biography and some information about their book(s).

Should there be anything else, relating to the establishment and running of a website, you would like information on, please indicate what it is by adding a comment.

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