Catching the Light: Four women, four compelling short stories by Mary Grand


Principally, as stated in the sub-title, the book comprises four short stories about different women however, it also includes an introduction to the author’s novel ‘Free to Be Tegan’.

It is difficult to do justice to this series of short stories without including spoilers which, would be a real shame for prospective readers. Each story is based upon the emotional and psychological experiences of the four different women each story is based upon. Though, fictional, it must be said many women would be able to identify with the protagonists and their plights.

The writing style is deceptively simple because it quickly draws the reader into the tale and engages their emotions without them really noticing until pass the first page or two. These stories could easily be biographical and draw out many experiences some readers will be able to identify with, regrettably not all positive. One story contains an element of what appears to be fantasy but in such a realistic manner as to produce a satisfactory end (the writer of this review, through their own experience, was able to particularly identify with this, one of the more disturbing tales).

This is an enjoyable collection written in an easy style that carries the reader along without effort. Anyone interested in women’s emotions and how they view their, sometimes unenviable, situations will enjoy this book. The extract from the beginning of the author’s novel ‘Free to Be Tegan’, that follows the four short stories, does not disappoint as it shows a different perspective to one young woman’s challenges and certainly wets the readers appetite to read the complete story.

It is a shame more cannot be said without the danger of including spoilers but then these are short stories that may be read easily within one sitting.

Four stars (4*).

Book is available in paperback, digital (e-book) and audio formats.        

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