3 thoughts on “E-Mail Lists

  1. A really comprehensive article Tanya. And all true in my experience. The hardest part is finding the people to go on the list and then, keeping them there. As you say, they often grab the freebie and then unsub. I’ve tried to circumvent that by offering a new chapter each month to my backstories, but these days people want it all at once – like they offer on the TV, they show the first episode and then, if you don’t want to wait for episode 2 the following week you can download it all immediately. It’s the NOW society.

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    1. Truly sorry Lucinda you have and are experiencing such behaviour but, as you say, it appears to now be the norm. Large corporations expect it and have the resources to cope but for the independent author/entrepreneur it is another matter. Not sure there is anyway round the issue but if we all keeping brainstorming perhaps some useful idea will come to light.

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