Tears of Innocence – What Readers Say

This is a rare, in fact first ever, highlighting of a book by T. R. Robinson in this website blog. The reason for this break in website protocol is due to the positive comments, observations and reviews received which it was considered only fair to share with readers and visitors to the site.

To give an idea of what people have said, a selection of extracts from published reviews are provided below. Click on each extract to read the whole.

Note: Links to where the book may be obtained as well as the official book landing page will be found at the end.

‘A brilliant tribute to a brave and courageous woman you cannot help but admire more than any other writer whose biography I have read. Every woman should read this book and gain strength from it.’ ***** Lucinda E Clarke

‘I thought I had a good idea of the horrors of War, but what she went through at the hands of the Nazi’s was absolutely inhuman. 

So many times I felt as if I wanted to throw my arms around her and give her a hug. I admire the strength she had to carry on in her attempt to find happiness. I would recommend this book.’ ***** Jeanette

‘I read this memoir in little over 24 hours which is a true sign I was glued and captivated by this true story.’ ***** Julie Watson

‘I usually make notes when reading a book for review. It must be an indication of how engrossed I was when I barely made a note or highlighted sections.’ **** Pamela King/Pam Ferrari

‘What a powerful story of courage and overcoming.’ **** Catherine Townsend-Lyon

‘I liked this story because it was so real.’ **** Glenn Conley (Warning: Reviewer uses strong language.)

‘While this autobiography is steeped in family relationships, it’s also about war, politics, and daily lives changed by struggle. Perhaps this is one of the facets that leads Tears of Innocence to be so striking: the juxtaposition of inner strife with equally-challenging wider world changes:’ ****  D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR (Midwest Book Review)

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Official Book Landing Page (Contains few more details of what readers may expect to experience.)

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