A Personal History With Dignity by Trevor Hopeworth


Identified as biographical fiction this purports to be an extract from a fifty-one years old woman’s diary. Without any further clarification it is difficult to know whether this is taken from an actual diary or if it has been fictionally constructed. Nevertheless, it touches on many aspects the reader will undoubtedly be able to identify with, well some if not all: hope; marriage; family; social conditions and other ‘now’ topics. It has a ring of honesty and authenticity about it and makes for a pleasant quick read (only 2,180 words).

With the busyness of modern life, readers sometimes enjoy a short, quick read that has the power to get them thinking about their own lives as well as about the social world they live in. May even prompt them to consider taking up a cause and/or help them consider ways they may be able to be a positive influence in this world.

As often commented, when reviewing short stories, this would suit anyone looking to pass time during a commute or while waiting for an appointment or perhaps something like waiting for a car repair or service.

Three stars (3*) – Not because it is not an enjoyable read but because it realistically falls within the general category. See Assessing Book Review Ratings for further information regarding how books are assessed in this website.

Available, free, from various retailers.

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