New Facebook Page

social-network-76532_640Prior to Facebook’s recent changes, articles and posts published in this website blog where automatically shared to the T. R. Robinson Publications Facebook Profile. However, this would no longer be appropriate nor in fact, is it any longer possible (Facebook have removed the facility for third party applications to post direct to profiles). Undoubtedly, especially in view of the way the platform has been abused, everyone, or at least the majority, will agree the changes make sense particularly when the site’s ethos is taken into account.

In view of the above, the decision has been made to establish a Facebook Page for T. R. Robinson Publications. With immediate effect, all articles and posts published in this website blog will be automatically shared to that page. The page will also include other author and reader related information; data; tips; and suggestions. Readers and visitors, who wish to continue to benefit from the information shared are invited to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ the Page at: It may also be accessed from:

T. R. Robinson Publications look forward to sharing with you.

The original Facebook Profile will, henceforth, be used by author T. R. Robinson for more ‘personal’ sharing. The revised profile url is It should not be necessary for users to re-engage with the profile where they are already connected.

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