Cane Confessions by Amy L. Bovaird


Sub-title: The Lighter Side to Mobility

(The Mobility Series Book 2)

Note: When obtained it was not realised this is the second book in a series. Nevertheless, it is not reliant upon the reading of Book 1 and consequently stands on its own.


Though the subject of this memoir is a serious one the author has, as the sub-tile indicates, opted to present the facts and circumstances in a light, fun, style. The book primarily deals with the issue of facing sight loss through the progressive disease of Retinitis Pigmentosa. The condition leads to decreased peripheral vision; difficulty seeing at night; tunnel vision and other limitations.

To be informed one has the condition and that sight will steadily decrease with the ultimate potential for total blindness (though not a foregone or common outcome with the condition) would send many into a complete depression. However, it quickly becomes apparent the author is not one to concede to difficulties and has every intention of living as fulfilled and active life as possible, which sometimes seems to be an impossible aim. In addition, she evidently does not suffer from a ‘poor me’ syndrome.

This is indeed a light hearted and amusing book most readers will find entertaining. With humour and some self-deprecation the author shares events, circumstances and difficulties encountered as a consequence of her decreasing sight. In the early stages, having been someone who had frequently travelled and worked overseas, she was unwilling to abandon the adventurous and interesting life. Through some of her mishaps, the author provides readers with insights into cultural differences; ethnic customs; national acceptabilities; varied attitudes; etc. Among these incidents are: ending up in a broom cupboard (having intended to find the exit door) and picking up the wrong coat (depriving the owner of its protection on a particularly cold day). Of course, there are other such situations but it would spoil the read for potential readers to say too much more. It should be mentioned the author’s taste for adventure is never suppressed with her even climbing a mountain at one stage.

Though the majority is presented in a humorous manner most readers will be able to discern, between the lines, the serious nature of such a condition and the limiting difficulties resulting. The tale also provides some meaningful insight into fully sighted people’s attitudes, misunderstandings and misconstrued ways of assisting someone with limited vision.

Four Stars (4 *): Rating this book was not easy because, overall, it falls within the general category. However, due to some of the content a four star rating seems appropriate. See Assessing Book Review Ratings for information regarding how books are assessed within this website.

The book is available in paperback, e-book and audio formats.       

4 thoughts on “Cane Confessions by Amy L. Bovaird

  1. I enjoyed Cane Confessions as well. An insight into sight impairment and coping with it through life. Amy is a very brave woman.

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