20 Second Survey – Prologues



Authors are constantly advised to take care with the Front Matter; Back Matter; and Metadata of their books. These are considered just as important as the book’s content when it comes to publicity and marketing.


Regular readers and followers will understand two of the principle aims of this website are:

  • Assisting authors with tips on publishing, marketing and writing.
  • Helping authors, especially independent ones, publicise their books.

It is also hoped some information shared fulfils the additional aim of:

  • Enabling readers to find interesting and entertaining books.

To that end it has been decided a survey of readers preferences, with respect to certain elements of a book’s makeup, will help author’s provide more of what the reader likes, or is looking for. (Authors, please remember you are also readers, or, if not, should be. You are therefore invited to also participate in this first of a series of short surveys.)

Intentionally, the survey has been kept concise and, as the title to this post indicates, should take no longer than 20 seconds to complete.

Eventually, once a full spectrum of responses have been received and analysed, the knowledge gained will be published in hope of it helping authors with their book productions and readers with their reading experiences.

Click Survey – Prologues to access the survey.

Your participation is appreciated.

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