T. R. Life Memoirs – New Blog

TRLM - BlogOver the years it has become apparent many readers enjoy knowing more about authors as individuals. What they like; What they think; What influences them; How they go about their craft; Where they get their story ideas; etc. There is no end to what readers may wish to know; to have insight into. However, many authors freely admit they are introverts and private consequently, the thought of public exposure is anathema.

Author T. R. Robinson beside the desire to protect their own privacy has the additional initiative to do so because of her desire to protect those who are referred to within the covers of her many books. As often quoted: ‘To protect those still living, whether they deserve it or not, as well as the dependents and friends of those referred to, names of people and places have either been changed or omitted.’

Nevertheless, T. R. accepts reader’s genuine interest. Therefore, after much internal debate, she has decided to share more about herself as an individual and the things that influence her. Rather than take away from the character and ethos of this website (T. R. Robinson Publications) which is seen as reflecting ‘professional’ aspects, the additional sharing will be undertaken in a new, separate blog: T. R. Life Memoirs.

Through the sharing of ‘personal’ information and occasional re-posting of, or linking to, other posts and articles, T. R. hopes those who are going through, or have been through, difficult circumstances, whether similar to her own or not, will find inspiration and assistance.

T. R. would like you to feel free to follow the new blog so that you may receive notice of new posts and articles direct. She would also welcome your observations and comments as well as any additional information you could provide to help other readers and followers of the blog.

This link will take you straight to the blog: T. R. Life Memoirs

You will find clear follow options in the footnotes.

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