Poll – Supporting Prologue Survey

Regular readers and visitors will know there is an ongoing survey respecting readers take on prologues within books. To enhance the results of the survey readers are asked to also complete this simple poll.

Several people have mentioned they found the survey limiting in that it does not provide for clarifying comments: As with most things in life, Yes or No answers do not always reflect circumstances accurately. This was understood from the beginning but, in view of frequent comments and observations about lack of time availability, the decision was made to keep the survey as concise as possible so it would only take 10 to 20 seconds to complete. However, many took the opportunity to add comments to threads which contained requests to participate. These have been collected and will be utilised when, eventually, the results are shared.

Those who have taken the opportunity, through the survey, to have their say are thanked. It would however, be helpful, to the ultimate results, if they also, kindly, completed this simple, basic poll. Results will be combined with the survey findings to provide a rounded perspective on the topic of whether readers value prologues, or not.

If you have not already taken part in the survey, you may access it here. As already stated, it will only take 10 to 20 seconds of your valuable time.


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