Prologue Survey – Results


Regular readers and followers will know a survey (and later a poll) to determine reader attitude to reading prologues (where one is included in a book) have been conducted recently. Readers may like to know the outcome.

Note: This survey was the first in a proposed series of three. Intentionally, due to most people declaring they are busy and have little spare time, it has been kept to basic elements. (Respondents appear to prefer the survey format consequently no further poll, for this subject, will be conducted.)

Questions with Responses

Q1: Where a book includes a prologue: Do you read it?

Yes: – 92.7%
No:  – 4.9%
Not Encountered: – 2.4%

Note: Some responders added a caveat to their answer. These will be discussed within the eventual article to be based upon all three surveys.

Q2: If you do read prologues: Do you think you would have missed something vital if you had not?

Yes: – 85.0%
No:  – 15.0%

Q3: If you do NOT read prologues: Have you found your read is diminished?

Yes: – 38.9%
No:  – 61.1%

Note: Naturally, and as expected, fewer people responded to this question as it is only appropriate to those who do not generally read prologues.

Overall the results are encouraging for those authors who go to the effort of writing prologues.

However, what is of surprise is the number of readers who do not consider their read is diminished by not reading the prologue. Perhaps this has something to say about what authors are including in their prologues. But, then there is the contrast with those who consider they would have missed something vital by not reading a prologue. Hopefully, once responses to all three surveys, and the caveats mentioned above, are analysed together there will some clarification.


Thanks and appreciation are extended to those who took time to respond. For those who have not, yet, the survey will remain open for a few more days. It may be accessed here. Should take no more than 10 to 20 seconds.

The ultimate aim is to provide authors and readers with reliable information to help:

Authors: with the writing and formatting of their books;
Readers: to make the most of a book.

Watch this space for the next survey; due soon.

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