Prologue v Preface – 100 Word Survey

Prologue v Preface

Regular readers of and visitors to this website and the associate social media accounts will recall a recent survey regarding whether readers skip or read prologues. That was the first of what is expected to be a three part survey respecting book front and back matter. The ultimate intent is to provide authors (though readers will probably also benefit from the information) with insight into how readers approach these elements. The results should assist in the drafting and creation of their manuscripts. A full article, based upon all survey responses, will be published in this website once they have been analysed.

Today sees the opening of the second survey ‘Prologues v Preface’ (the first ‘Prologues’ has now been closed). Thanks are extended to all those who kindly took the time to participate in the first and it is hoped they will also kindly participate in this new one.

In this latest survey participants are asked, BRIEFLY (100 words or less please), to identify what they consider are the difference between a prologue and a preface.

Click here to access the survey.

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