Self-Editing a Book


Over the years a number of articles have been published in this website which are aimed at helping independent authors produce the best quality manuscript they can. Some were published a long time ago and may not have been seen by those just starting out on their writing career. The following is a resume of those articles.


Proofreading Your Own Work

Provides a practical guide on the topic including the suggestion of different methods for achieving the best results.

Editing Your Own Work

The editing process is very different to that of proofreading. This article clarifies the elements to be considered in an edit and suggests a process.

Who Do Authors Write For?

There are varying opinions upon this subject nevertheless, whatever an author’s take, the concept needs to be born in mind when checking through a manuscript.

One or two spaces?

Grammar ‘rules’ tend to change over time, or perhaps it would be better to say they come into and go out of ‘fashion’. Whether agreed with or not, when writing for a modern audience, an author should take these changes into account.


A book comprises more than just the story text. All elements must be considered when making the final edit. This article expands upon what comprises metadata and suggests what should really be included.

Writer’s Block

Though not part of editing per se, so called writer’s block can have an impact upon the editing process. This article suggests causes of and solutions to the problem.


Please let the writer know, by adding a comment, if there is any other aspect of the editing process you would like considered.

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