The Why and How of a Website

pexels-photo-545331A couple of recent articles discussed:

What is an Author Platform? and

What is Author Brand?

One element common to both is the suggestion for authors to have a dedicated website. Why?

Before listing benefits it may help those authors who have not already established a website to understand, in the current social media dominated climate, one distinct advantage is websites are not subject to the algorithm idiosyncrasies of social media accounts, which determine who sees posts and where these are displayed. Anyone who has utilised social media for any length of time will understand how limiting these algorithms can be, at least without paying a fee to ‘promote’ the post. Even ‘hosted’ websites (an explanation of what this means is included in one of the previous articles referred to below) tend not to be manipulated in the same manner.

So what are the high level benefits of having a website?

  • Forms the hub for an author’s public presence;
  • Allows the author to sparkle in the public market;
  • Provides for a ‘professional’ public image;
  • Supports the author’s marketing.

Of course, there is much more that could be said and no doubt many will have their own ideas and observations. However, rather than repeat information already shared in previous articles, it is considered best practice to simply provide a link to an earlier article that contained a list of all those posts (see below). It is appreciated readers may not like clicking through but it would be foolish and a waste of the reader’s time to repeat everything here. Click the following to access the information: Websites – Why? How? What?

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