Peter – A Reader’s Opinion

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The following review for the novel Peter by T. R. Robinson was kindly left by one reader:

‘The story begins in 1860s Vienna with the chance meeting of two people, Katherine and Richard, who fall in love.

Not your cup of tea? Please don’t stop reading this review – there’s more.

Youthful curiosity and naivety draw them into a situation that threatens their lives. Their kindness and generosity trigger more dangerous situations.

When I started reading I felt this book was going to be a light read but the intrigue and intensity sneak up and before you know what has happened you are drawn into feeling the scope of emotions the characters do.

Robinson tells her tale with engrossing prose and easily imagined scenes. When Katherine worries her husband will be unfaithful, you worry. When she sits on a hill taking in the beauty of her surrounds you are calm and serene with her.  When the cold steel of a knife threatens their lives you feel the fear of the moment. When they share intimate moments it is tastefully sensual.

The interweaving of joy, happiness and pleasure with uncertainty, insecurity and fear will keep you turning the pages.

Where does the title come from? Aaah, you’ll have to read the book.

This is the first fictional work by this author and I hope there is more to come.

My rating for Peter is  4*’

Source: Pam’s Book Reviews

Book is available from multiple retailers.

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