Google Plus (G+) Closing – Are you ready?

G+ Last ChanceMost will have heard by now Google has brought their closure of Google Plus (G+) personal accounts forward from August 2019 to

Tuesday 2 April 2019
(just over one week away).

Google have provided the means for users to save a record of their G+ data (posts etc.) prior to that date: Once an account is closed all related data will be permanently deleted. Of course, it is likely users of G+ will have shared the same, or similar, posts, articles, and information in other social media accounts and may consequently not consider the loss of G+ data an issue to concern themselves about. However, there may be elements they would like to retain a record of, for example, friends etc. they have in their circles; those they follow; collections; etc. It is not intended to go into a lot of detail here. This post is simply designed to be a reminder.

The earlier article Google Plus (G+) is Closing provided some background detail as well as simplified guidance upon how to save data which, readers of this article may wish to avail themselves of.

It will NOT be possible to save and download data on or after

2 April 2019.

If you wish to save your data NOW is the time to do it!

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