Canticles: A Collection of Poetry by Leila Dutt Sen


Poetry is not usually reviewed in this website however, due to the excellent quality of the author’s biographical account of her parent’s lives (Where Destiny Commands/The Aegis of Kali) the decision was made to take a chance and also read this collection. It does not disappoint.

Nature forms the basis for the majority of the poems with a few also drawing upon the emotions most people will encounter at some stage in their lives. Bearing in mind, as already stated, poetry is not a norm here, the quality and value of these poems may be appreciated from the following:

First, the collection is inspiring, uplifting and evocative.

Second, it enables readers to visualise the beauty and wonder of nature and the varied garments she displays herself in as well as her strength.

All, whether based upon nature or some other topic, bring an awareness, and it must be said an appreciation, of the readers own inner being (soul, spirit, etc.).

Beside being good in themselves, this poetry collection flows smoothly and would make a good introduction to poetry for anyone who has not ventured to try it before.

Highly recommended.

Five Stars (5*).

Available in paperback and digital (e-book) formats.  

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