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Mobile Reading Post

No, it is not mobile libraries that are being referred to, though for rural communities where there is no, or a very weak, signal, these are an excellent resource.

The ready convenience of mobile technology, primarily smartphones, tablets and e-reading devices, appears to be changing many readers habits. Many, or so it seems, now prefer to read on these devises rather than face the burden of carrying a physical book. Of course, these cannot replace the pleasure of actually holding a book though it seems for numerous readers (new generation and increasingly more of the older ones) this is no longer an issue. It is an undeniable fact the ability to store an almost endless number of books in one device also has an impact, especially when the reader is a commuter or on vacation. To carry the same quantity of physical books would indeed be onerous. There is also the added incentive of e-books (digital or electronic books) usually costing less to purchase than their physical equivalent.

Where to find e-books

The following are well known resources for many but there may be those new to digital reading who will not know of them all. This article is simply aimed at helping them and perhaps highlighting some resources others may not have heard of or encountered before.

Each of the following have their own professional websites from which books may be purchased but, to enable ease of reading, and to encourage readers to purchase from them, most also provided reading apps (applications) for downloading onto virtually any device. A few also have their own e-reader devices available for purchase. Relevant links are provided below.


Naturally, as the largest worldwide book retailer Amazon deserves a mention.

Website The website URL depends upon where the reader is located. In all cases it will commence with the usual https and www. then amazon after which the country destination has to be added e.g. for UK = ‘’; for USA -=‘.com’; for France = ‘.fr’; etc.

Reading App

Note: The above link goes to the United Kingdom site however, by substituting the appropriate country extension the reader will be taken to their relevant site.

Kindle e-reader Amazon also have their own variety of e-reading devices.

(Again goes to UK site but may be changed as above.)

iBooks (Apple Books)

Website (Again substitute appropriate country extension.)

Though it is possible, with a bit of manoeuvring and the finding of obscure software apps to read apple books on non-apple devices, the facility is principally restricted to use with iPhones; iPads and Mac PCs.

Google Play Books

Android device users will be most aware of Google’s Play store of which Google Play Books is just a part.


Reading App Install Page

There are versions of the Google Play Books App for all devices.

Help Page

Guidance for downloading to varied devices.

Nook (Barnes & Noble’s e-book site)

Barnes & Noble are a major book retailer based in the USA.


Reading App Install Page

Barnes & Noble provide reading app versions for all devices.

Nook e-reader Barnes & Noble have a variety of e-readers available.


Website (Goes to .com site – Readers country may be selected from this link.)

Reading App Install Page

Kobo e-reader Kobo have a selection of e-readers to choose from.


Smashwords is a major distributor of independently authored books and is a good source for all types of reading.

All books are available in formats to suit EVERY TYPE of device.



The primary well-known book retailers and reading app and e-reader providers have been highlighted above. The list is not exhaustive and there may be other ones readers would like to mention in a comment. Please feel free to add any information that will assist those looking for books to read or apps and/or e-readers to read in/on.

Disclaimer: Other than being customers, neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any affiliation to any of the corporations, companies or service providers mentioned. Nor do either receive any remuneration for mentioning them.

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