Which E-Book Publishing Site?

close-up-equipment-indoors-1440504New authors constantly seek advice about which self-publishing site(s) they should consider using. All authors have been there at some stage and no doubt many have benefited from the freely given suggestions and advice provided by those more seasoned in the craft.

It is only right for those authors, who are no longer newbies, to reciprocate such generosity by sharing what they have learnt and gleaned with up and coming new authors. Here is a chance to do so.

With so many ‘self-publishing’ sites now in existence it may help new authors to know which the more experienced authors: Have used; Which they prefer; and Why they like the site(s) they utilise. A survey to that end has been created. It should take no more than 1 – 1.5 minutes to complete the survey.

The survey may be accessed by clicking anywhere within this sentence.

Your participation will be appreciated and may well help fellow authors to success.

Thank You.

5 thoughts on “Which E-Book Publishing Site?

  1. Hello, I wanted to fill in your survey, but it wouldn’t allow multiple choices on the first question. or on the reasons for choosing one’s favourite. I think it would be interesting to see the various publishing sites one has used and then why one in particular.


  2. Hello, T.R. I wanted to fill in your survey, but the first question wouldn’t accept multiple choices. I *have *published through several sites. The third question wouldn’t allow several reasons for choosing my favourite site. I do think it would be interesting to see the different sites used and then the favourite one and why…


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    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Suzy. Have just been back to survey site and amended. You should now be able to make multiple choices for both questions 1 and 3. (Like you I use more than one site.) Profound apologies for the waste of your time. Thank you for choosing to complete the survey. Am looking forward to seeing results.


    1. I am also looking forward to them Pamela, I expect it to be interesting. With so many sites available new authors in particular get a little lost and confused so it will be good to see if there is a consensus among the more established authors.


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