Author Spotlight – Lucinda E Clarke

Untitled designCaveat: The following has been gleaned from information in the public domain without the prior knowledge of the author. Consequently, the writer bears no responsibility with regard to accuracy. All information has been interpreted or reproduced ‘as found’.

Lucinda E Clarke is a prolific, versatile, talented author who has published several books in a range of genre. Her versatility and talents are however not limited to book writing as may be seen from the following information.

Lucinda was born in Dublin, grew up in the Cotswolds and completed her education in Liverpool. Subsequently she lived in: Scotland; Kenya; Libya; Botswana and South Africa. Her present domain is in Spain. From an early age Lucinda ‘wanted to write, but was ordered to “get a proper job” …… ‘So she dutifully trained as a teacher, and has taught in seven different countries – from primary school infants to lecturing adults in Technical College.

Regrettably, Lucinda’s mother suffered a personality disorder which led her to mentally abuse her daughter. This gave her little protection when she met, and married, ‘a wildly, exciting, charismatic charmer who was also a bit of a psychopath.’ At one stage he was ‘dragged off to prison’ a situation not helped when ‘the police deny all knowledge of him’. He later abandoned her, leaving her with two young children and living on a sinking boat. Lucinda eventually had the courage to part from him and ‘made history handling my own divorce – tricky when the psychopath mentioned’ ….. ‘has gone AWOL.’

To support her children and herself, Lucinda undertook varied occupations ‘I have also; sewn giant teddy bears, cleaned toilets, climbed rubbish dumps, bred small animals for pet shops and Cairn Terrier puppies’ …… ‘made dresses, taught English, presented on radio, and television’ …… ‘hosted ambassadors and met royalty, heads of state and deep rural folk.’ Some of her more notable occupations have been writing ‘freelance full time, for major corporations, UNESCO, UNICEF and the SABC’ (South African Broadcasting Corporation) ‘for both radio and television. Moving into television production in 1986,’ (running her own video production company) ‘she has received over 20 awards, specializing in the fields of education, documentaries, municipal and government.’ In more recent times, she has also won several reader awards for her books.

Lucinda draws upon all her experiences and interests when writing informative, entertaining, instructive memoirs and novels and engages her wonderful sense of humour in these and when authoring in other genre. Though she now lives in Spain it is readily apparent her life and experiences in Africa have left her with a deep love for the continent which comes out in her books (the Amie series are set there) and in many of the items she shares online.

For those not privileged to have encountered this author before her books are highly recommended.

Further information about Lucinda herself as well as her many books may be found at the following:



Amazon Author Page




Disclaimer: Other than being a reader of her books and ‘friends’ through social media, Neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any commercial or financial affiliation with Lucinda E Clarke or any subsidiaries she may have any connection with. Nor do either receive any remuneration for mentioning or sharing information relative to the author.



Lucinda E Clarke has previously participated in an author interview which may be enjoyed here.



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    1. I already had some knowledge from reading several of your books. But, yes, I did go through all your online bios and some interviews. I like the way you share differing aspects with each. Am glad you are happy with this.

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