7 Proofread Steps

pngkey.com-thumbs-up-emoji-png-193892 copyThe majority of independent authors cannot afford to pay for professional services consequently, they are obliged to undertake all aspects of book publication themselves. There is no denying for many this presents a challenge. Nevertheless, to have any hope of success, authors must accept the challenges.

Proofreading their own work is one such challenge. Anyone who undertakes any sort of writing will acknowledge it is not easy to pick up all the anomalies, typos and errors in their own writing.

To achieve the best outcome possible authors should, must, undertake several proofread run-throughs. The following infographic is designed to try and help with the process.

7 Proofread steps - InfoG

The infographic is based upon the previous article Proofreading Your Own Work.

2 thoughts on “7 Proofread Steps

  1. I had a notification the other day about 3 typing errors in Amie African Adventure. It’s won many awards, it’s got 180+ reviews and it was published in 2014! So how did everyone miss those in 5 years?


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