5 Do’s & 5 Don’t’s for Computer Security

Version 2Unfortunately, it is no longer uncommon to hear of cyber criminals and hackers whose aims are malicious and cruel and the illegal profiting from unsuspecting individuals. There are variety of ways they are able to accomplish these goals. One of the most common is to gain access to, and to control, a user’s computing device (desktop; laptop; tablet; or smartphone).

There are some precautions a user may take to: try and protect their device from attack; and to minimise their loss should they suffer such an attack. This infographic highlights a few.

Co,puter Security Info-2
The information is taken from a series of previous articles which considered a variety of computer viruses, of which there are regrettably many, and which cyber criminals and hackers utilise for their perfidious purposes. These may be accessed through Computer Viruses – Summary.

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