How To Rate a Book

group-3530357_640Naturally, anyone who delights in the written word; a good tale; or instructive dissertation will read many books throughout a year and perhaps more while on holiday. Whether the book has proven a pleasure or not, it is hoped (at least by authors and perhaps also other potential readers) the reader will leave a review.

It is accepted some, for a variety of reasons, find the idea of writing and publishing a review daunting. The reasons may frequently be personal. Differing aspects of this subject have been considered previously consequently, rather than repeating all the information here, the decision has been made to simply include links to each article.

This resume has been published now in hope of it acting as a timely reminder considering many will, perhaps, be reading more than usual over the holiday months.

Assessing Book Review RatingsConsiders the standard stars rating system; what they mean; and how to interpret them.

Reviews – What Wanted?Outlining what people are looking for in a review.

Writing ReviewsAims to help those who find the idea of writing a review frightening or who are unsure about what to include.


Many see it as simply good manners to write and publish a review. This is especially true for those who find others reviews helpful and influential in the purchasing decisions they make.

It is also nice to reward someone for something that has been enjoyed or, if faults were noticed, to help the creator (author in this instance) improve their work and products.

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