Survey – Preferred Reading Method(s)

Survey - Reading Method 1

How Do You Prefer to Read?

In these innovative days when there are multiple technological devises available it has been inevitable many reader’s habits will change. Though the everlasting popularity of physical books does not appear to have diminished excessively, there is no denying the advent of smartphones, tablets and e-readers have had an impact. To what extent is however not entirely clear though some professional organisations have attempted to find a consensus.

Naturally, the format a reader prefers has relevance for authors. This survey has therefor been designed for both readers and authors (who should also be readers). The information provided will help authors ensure they prepare books in formats that meet reader preferences and benefit readers by enabling authors to produce editions in the format they prefer.

The primary part of the survey should take no more than twenty (20) seconds.

Click anywhere in this line to access the survey.

Your participation will be appreciated by your fellow readers, and by the authors who write for you.

The results will be published once there have been sufficient responses to make the information viable.

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