Author Spotlight – Pamela King

Author Spotlight - PamelaCaveat: The following has been gleaned from information in the public domain without the prior knowledge of the author. Consequently, the writer bears no responsibility with regard to accuracy. All information has been interpreted or reproduced ‘as found’.

Pamela King (sometimes also known as Pam and Pamela Ferrari (her married surname)) is principally, to date, a biographical author. In addition to authoring Pamela is also an avid reader, across multiple genre, who regularly publishes reviews of the books on her review blog. She also enjoys blogging upon a variety of topics. Details of her books, website and blogs are provided at the end of this discourse.

Her working career commenced in the tourism industry where she obtained a Diploma of Tourism (Operations Management). Subsequently, Pamela became ‘a tourism and events consultant and taught tourism and customer service in vocational colleges’. She continued with the industry for many years and has re-visited it since official retirement. It is evident, from various social media posts and conversations, etc. she enjoys the work and maintains an interest even if not having the time to be actively engaged.

Since commencing her author career Pamela has been appointed ‘president of the Woolondilly Branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc and a committee member of the state body’. Authoring has become a major part of her retirement though the advent of a granddaughter has cut into her time availability. By her own admission she has become a ‘besotted grandmother’.

During her life Pamela became good friends with Berenice Walters, a lady who dedicated thirty years to advocating the dingo as Australia’s native dog in the face of considerable opposition and misunderstanding. Sadly Berenice has departed this life. Pamela ‘spent many years as a volunteer dingo handler, sponsor, promotions officer and board member with the Australian native Dog Conservation Society (Merigal Dingo Sanctuary)’.

Pamela has become ‘passionate about dingoes’ and is tasked with writing Berenice Walters’ biography. Indeed, as is obvious from her regular posts and sharing this project along with the dingo cause have, beside her granddaughter, become the main focuses of her life.

With the current focus on dingoes and the writing of Berenice’s biography, it is easy for people to forget Pamela’s first book ‘Angel with Drumsticks’. It should not be forgotten. This is an interesting and informative memoir of Angelo Ferrari’s (Pamela’s husband) experience with the Vatican.

Further information about Pamela herself as well as her books may be found at the following:

Website   Note: All of the authors varied blogs may be accessed from the website.

Book Review Blog

Amazon Author Page




Disclaimer: Other than being a reader of her books and ‘friends’ through social media, Neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any commercial or financial affiliation with Pamela King (or with any other identity she may use) or to any subsidiaries she may have any connection with. Nor do either receive any remuneration for mentioning or sharing information relative to the author.


Pamela King has previously participated in an author interview which may be enjoyed here.


The following books by Pamela have been reviewed in this website blog. Click on the appropriate cover image to read review.

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