The Man on the Corner by Suzy Stewart Dubot

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The first, primary, tale that bears the title of this book, is an observance of how everyday encounters may be overlooked or even ignored until someone builds courage to initiate a change. It is a delightful, easy read, short story about two people who decide to take a chance.

The writing in this tale is excellent. The characters and primary setting are well defined as are the emotions and thoughts pervading each of the participants

This story is fully meritorious of a five star (5*) rating.

The second story ‘Coming to Terms’ is a bonus, almost ditty length, tale of how something misunderstood as a child may have a long term fearful impact upon a person’s life until it is eventually identified for what it is.

Bearing in mind these are very short stories, it would be unfair to prospective readers to say more about either.

These make suitable and enjoyable reading for those occasions when a full length novel may not be suitable e.g. waiting for an appointment; a break from routine with a cup or glass of something pleasant; a brief commute; etc.

The book is available in digital (e-book) formats.               

Smashwords  (In formats to suit all devices and software.)

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