Writing/Review Opportunity – BookLife Non-Fiction Contest


The large number of independent (indie) author books being published each day are making it more and more difficult for authors, especially unknown indie authors, to gain public exposure. Consequently, it is worth their while to consider other opportunities for getting their works published and/or reviewed.

One primary aim for this website and blog is to assist authors in their authoring career by providing free tips and suggestions about the processes, etc. In that spirit the decision has been made to share news of occasional writing/review opportunities when encountered and considered suitable.

Caveat: The following information is provided ‘As Is’. No endorsement or guarantee of validity is implied.

BookLife is now open for entrants to its Annual Non-Fiction Writing Contest


Memoir/Autobiography; Self-Help; Inspirational/Spiritual; Business/Personal Finance

Word Count

All categories: 40,000 to 100,000 words.

  • Unpublished or Self-Published works are eligible provided the author has born the costs.
  • Book may only be submitted into ONE (1) category.

$99 per submission. (Non-refundable.)


Wednesday 1 January 2020

  • $5,000;
  • Author profile in Publishers Weekly;
  • $1,000 of BobBaby’s Facebook & Instagram for Authors services;
  • Critic’s Report.
The Odds

The BookLife contests receive thousands of entries (number not specified) the odds of success are therefore equally limited. However, if you do not try you will never win.


All entrants must have a BookLife Account (Easy to apply for. No special requirements.)

Click anywhere in this line to access Step by Step Guide.

Click anywhere in this line for the Entry Form.

Disclaimer: Neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any affiliation to the company or organisation referred to above. Nor do either receive any remuneration for publishing the information or for referring to the company or organisation. These notifications are simply designed to offer assistance to authors.

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