Infograph – Staying Safe Online

Regrettably online security threats continue to grow in various ways. Back in 2016 scams on social media (Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; etc.) grew by an estimated 150%. How much more must it be these days when hackers and cyber criminals are even more prevalent? All online and internet users need to be aware of the increasing trend.

Of course, it is wise for users to be continually alert throughout the year however, the issue comes more into focus at holiday times when there is the temptation to share more instantaneously.

Unfortunately the individual user has little power, other than reporting the fact, when it comes to trying to counteract these nasty, unpleasant, inconsiderate, thoughtless, CRIMINALS (what else can they be called). Nevertheless, it would be wrong to allow them to deter people from the joy of sharing with their friends, relatives and colleagues. All it really needs is for users to be aware and circumspect in what they put on public display.

The following inforgraph has been designed as a high-level reminder that may be kept to hand for everyday use. Though the information is based upon a previous article How to Stay Safe on Social Media the principles are applicable to all aspects of online activity, not just social media.





To stay safe online users simply need to be careful about how much personal information they share. It may be all right with family and friends, who probably already know the primary details, but it must always be born in mind, social media as well as websites and blogs are usually publicly accessible.

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