Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews 2018 by Gisela Hausmann.

9FDB77FA-4307-42CD-92E3-8B01D3E5FDC0_4_5005_cThe title of this book really says it all. This is a realistic and practical guide upon the subject of authors getting reviews for their books. Some may even consider it brutal. But it is a fact that truth is often merciless nevertheless, if an author honestly wants to get the best they can for their book(s) they need to face up to the realities.

Gisela Hausmann does not ‘beat about the bush’. In this book she tackles the subject of reviews head on, drawing upon her own extensive experience as a top Amazon reviewer. She covers all aspects of the topic: types of review; validity of all types; what an author should expect; how to request a review; etcetera.

Gisela also provides practical advice about building a fan base and how an author should share information about their book(s). This really is an all encompassing publication. It really needs to be read for authors to appreciate the breadth and validity of the information and insights.

Naturally, this book will prove helpful for those new to authoring but it may also be of assistance to those who are already on the path, if for no other reason than to be reminded of the realities facing independent, as well as traditionally published, authors.

Five stars (5*).

The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

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