Preferred Reading Method(s) – Survey Results


Recently in Survey – Preferred Reading Method(s) readers were requested to identify in which format they primarily choose to read. A number of options were presented including the combination of some methods i.e. Paperback + E-Reader; Smartphone + Tablet; etc.

The intent for the survey was to gain grassroots insight and to help authors identify, and provide, the favoured formats. These are the results of that survey.


How Do You Prefer to Read?

Respondents were asked to only choose one option.

41.67% – E-Reader
25.00% – Paperback
16.67% – Paperback + E-Reader
08.33% – Paperback + Tablet
08.33% – Computer

It is interesting to see the high level differentiation between E-Reader and Paperback though, when the results for the combined options are taken into account, the overall continuing popularity for paperback remains clear.

There were no takers for:

Paperback + Smartphone
Paperback + Computer
Smartphone + Tablet
Smartphone + E-Reader
Computer + Smartphone
Computer + Tablet
Computer + E-Reader

Text or Audio?

85.71% – Text
00.00% – Audio
14.29% – Both

Despite the fact many currently consider audio the growing option for enjoying books, it cannot come as a surprise to see textual reading leading the way and that those who like audio also read textually.


Most authors should not be surprised by the results of this survey. Undoubtedly, most will already be publishing in paperback and digital formats though, they may be wise to note where someone reads on computer a .pdf format will usually be best.

Readers should note though audio is gaining in popularity it is an expensive option for authors many of whom have little in the way of ready resources.

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