What Does T. R. Robinson Publications Have to Offer?


The conclusion regarding viability reached in a previous article Are Facebook Pages Worth the Effort?, raised the question of what this website and associated accounts have to offer. Regular followers, visitors, and readers will know, though over the years there have been occasional breaks, as far as possible articles are posted on a reasonably frequent basis. Following on from the previous article mentioned above, it seemed appropriate to reiterate the principle aims and intentions behind the establishment of T. R. Robinson Publications.

On the Website Home Page the stated purposes are:

1. Assisting authors with tips on publishing, marketing and writing;
2. Enabling readers to find interesting and entertaining books;
3. Helping authors, especially independent ones, publicise their books;
4. The publication and publicising of books by T. R. Robinson.

In an attempt to facilitate the above and to further enhance the intended aims, additional relative information on a variety of interests and topics is also shared. These principally surround:

  • writing;
  • the author path;
  • book publishing;
  • book publicity;
  • book marketing;
  • online activity;
  • social media;
  • reading;
  • reviewing;
  • computer usage;
  • etc.

Increasingly, the aim is to help as far as possible, amateur (and new) authors understand their craft and art. It is also hoped some of the information assists others who are not especially involved in authoring but are active online. Whether the information shared is considered truly helpful or worthwhile is not known: it is hoped it is.

It would be remiss not to also mention, in an attempt to facilitate the aim of also helping readers, a variety of books are reviewed and authors interviewed and highlighted. In addition there is the provision of interesting memoirs and biographical fiction (short stories and novels) which provide an insight into who T. R. Robinson is and of her unusual experiences.

Overall, the aim is to help as many people as possible with their careers and activity. All for free. When first setting out on their authoring career T. R. Robinson received, and benefited from, a lot of willingly given guidance and assistance and now wishes to reciprocate by sharing as much up-to-date information and insight as possible.

If this is your first visit to the site, you, should you wish, may subscribe to realtime notifications of new articles and posts by entering your e-mail address in the ‘Follow T. R. Robinson Publications’ panel near the bottom of the righthand column. Look forward to sharing together.

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