Storm of Divine Light: The Tales of Tyrennia, Book One by Ernesto San Giacomo


The daring theft of a powerful artefact serves as the crucible for this tale of mixed human resolve and mystical determination. The how takes a while to discover but the why, and potential consequences, are easily detectable. Reluctantly, but knowing the likely outcome if they do not take up the challenge, the protagonists set out on a quest they would prefer to have avoided.

The characters, both human and mystical, and the old world settings, are well developed thereby enabling the reader to visualise and identify with much. The plot develops sensibly drawing the reader along with a desire to see where the story will go and how the protagonists will deal the obstacles and challenges they face. Failure would be disasters for all.

There are what appear to be occasional divergences however, these not only help set the scene for subsequent action but also establish where some of the emotional motivations that follow come from. The book is not only a fantastical tale but also a human story of change, hope, sorrow, suffering, and revenge.

The descriptive content would certainly help any screenwriter who decided to take up the idea for a film, to which this tale lends itself. Nevertheless, it can sometimes cause the flow to appear disjointed though, to be utterly fair, it assists the reader’s comprehension of the book as a whole. Having said that, there may be readers who find some of the detailed violence a bit too gratuitous.

This is an enjoyable tale, which does draw the reader along, though it must be said it is not an unusual one for the fantasy genre.

The book is available in paperback and digital (e-book) formats.     

3 thoughts on “Storm of Divine Light: The Tales of Tyrennia, Book One by Ernesto San Giacomo

  1. OMG! Thankies T.R.

    “…any screenwriter who decided to take up the idea for a film, to which this tale lends itself.” My creative writing classes were in screenwriting. 🙂 I think that is also the reason why when I started out, my first critique group marveled at my dialog while I was still learning the rest of the craft.

    P.S. I am not receiving email notifications of your blog posts.
    I spotted this when I visited your Amazon author page to get links because I’ve just started writing a review of “Her Next Door.”

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    1. I enjoyed your book Ernesto.

      With regard to e-mail notifications. I have looked into the website settings and all appears to be in order. Would you please re-subscribe and then let me know if you are still not getting notifications. If not I will contact the website host and try and find out what is going on.

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    2. Dear Ernesto, I have checked with other people who follow the blog and find some are receiving e-mail notifications of new posts and some are not. I am not sure what is going on but suspect it is some sort of hiccup in the various systems. Would you therefore please, re-subscribe using the panel available toward the bottom of the righthand column. Please then test it for a couple of weeks and let me know if you are still not receiving notifications. (Please note: at present I am not posting every Tuesday and Friday though there should be at least one post a week.) I am sorry to put you to this trouble but would appreciate your help very much.

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