The Last Forest by A. L. Butcher


Regular visitors to, and followers of, this website blog will know fantasy is not a genre usually reviewed. Nevertheless, there is the occasional exception. This is one, though, in truth, this little book is not just a fantastical, mythological, tale. It is more of a warning. One people need to take on board.

The tale fluctuates between the inner thoughts, considerations, and musings of trees and human dialogue of proposed intent. All characters (tree and human) are well presented enabling the reader to visualise them as well as the circumstances each find themselves in.

Despite the generally increasing environmental consciousness of modern society, much still goes on that is harmful and cruel. Why should nature put up with it? Why not retaliate?

Though this is a serious tale it is written in a manner that may also be found amusing. In fact, it would not be surprising to find readers cheering along with the supposedly downtrodden.

As implied earlier, this is a short book (equivalent to thirteen print pages), it would therefore spoil it for potential readers to share more.

A well written, insightful, story (warning) that every reader should heed. Four stars (4*).

Available in digital (e-book) format from all major retailers (including Amazon).

Universal Link (Readers may choose which retailer to get their copy from.) 

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