Author Spotlight – Julie Watson

BFB94716-7089-4C5E-9CAA-D52974AA92D1Caveat: The following has been gleaned from information in the public domain without the prior knowledge of the author. Consequently, the writer bears no responsibility with regard to accuracy. All information has been interpreted or reproduced ‘as found’.

At an early age midwifery became and remains Julie’s passion. Her initial experience as a nurse aide … at the local maternity annexe … gave her a love for caring for mothers and babies. Julie married young and life was happy until the death of her second baby. Subsequently, she studied to be a nurse and midwife – fulfilling what had become a lifelong dream.

Arising from her experiences and at the suggestion of her daughter, Julie Watson has, so far, authored two books. Within these she not only shares her own story but also, very generously, her knowledge. Within each there is much regarding the joys, complications, difficulties, and sometime sorrows, of child birth. In the first she recounts her journey to overcome challenges and become the midwife that she was born to be. In the second she describes her experiences living and working in Africa: very generously Julie, and her husband, volunteered to help and serve in a less-well-of nation. She has also worked as a midwife in other countries. Through her writing Julie aims to give a message of hope, faith and love. Persevering against the odds and realizing … dreams if … don’t give up. She hopes that her story will inspire others to follow their dreams and not give up hope.

Julie was raised in a small, rural town in New Zealand and now lives in Palmerston North, New Zealand with her husband, Barry.

Expectant mothers, who have no prior knowledge or experience, and those interested in midwifery whether simply from an intellectual viewpoint or as a possible career, will find both books informative. However, it should be pointed out some prospective mothers may prefer not to know all the gritty, nitty, ins-and-outs and potential hazards.

Disclaimer: Other than being a reader of her books and ‘friends’ through social media, Neither T. R. Robinson Publications nor T. R. Robinson have any commercial or financial affiliation with Julie Watson. Nor do either receive any remuneration for mentioning or sharing information relative to her.



Julie has previously participated in an author interview which may be enjoyed here.



Both Julie Watson books have been reviewed in this website blog.

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  1. Hi Tanya, I have just found this unexpected and humbling write up about myself and my books on your blog. I cannot tell you how beautifully surprised I was. I got up in the middle of the night and have been reading all the tragedy from the Coronavirus news and then I find your blog. You have made my night and soon to be day. Thank you so much xx I hope you are well and keeping safe during this very challenging time.

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