Change to Review Rating Policy



Over recent years it has become apparent numerical star ratings included with book reviews are being given too much weight. In some instances they have become so emotive as to override the actual content of the review, whether positive or negative.




In view of the above, and in a wish to ensure the actual content of a review receives full attention (some people’s eyes automatically travel straight pass the written words to the numerical rating), appreciation and absorption, the decision has been made not to include numerical star ratings with reviews published in this website and associated blog. The intent is for reviews to stand on their own merits.

This change of policy will take immediate effect: all future reviews published here will not include a star rating.

Despite the above change in policy for this website, reviews published elsewhere (book retailers; book sharing social media sites; etc) require, in most instances, a numerical star rating to be included. The only alternative to not doing so, is not to publish a review. That would be unfair to both author and reader. Consequently, when publishing a review in any of those sites, the policy outlined in this website’s Rating Review Policy will be applied.

The Rating Review Policy document has been updated to reflect this change in policy.

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